No Pain, No Gain

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Hello, non-productivity! I've been on sick leave for the past 2 days and I don't have a valid medical certificate I can present to my boss on Monday. How Can I have one when I couldn't even stand up because I was experiencing heavy poopoo-ing(LBM) and vomiting. And, no people, I'm not pregnant. I just had amoebiasis take me down again. And I was diagnosed by a non-intellicare accredited doctor so even If I do get a med cert from him, that wouldn't be valid at all. In the midst of all this, how can I even look for one that's accredited when I'm almost spitting my guts out? Darn health care.

 You see, before it all happened, I had a date with Bunny. We kind of agreed to meet at Trinoma after his work (and before mine because I'm on night shift, gah), I was starved because I just woke up, and he was too because he just got off from work. We decided to eat at Kamay-kainan, mind you, being the food monsters that we are, we know it will be worth it (eat-all-you-can at P250!). We don't even care about the calories anymore. Here's a list of the food that I ate, apparently, the doctor thinks the clams did it. Oh no.

For starters, I had cucumber with bell pepper
and red onions soaked in sweet & spicy vinegar! 

The root cause!

Sinigang na Hipon! Must love seafood!
A little breath from the seafood bonanza, I got
lumpia (the one with veggies inside)!
Another, uhm, breather?
After my breathers, I added Alimango, Red Eggs with tomatoes
and Kare-kare to my plate! Oh poor plate!
Another photo of my crazy plate.
And for dessert, I had Gelatin with milk!
And, I think that pretty much sums up almost everything I had during that day (dinner for him, breakfast for me). I don't think it was too much, though. Oh well, we'll see what happens come Monday!

This is the first time on my almost 1 year of service
to this company that I applied for sick leave and
things get all f*cked up! Howcome others fake med
 certs yet get away with it? Ohh f*cked up system!

Photos were taken using my 2-megapixel camera
phone I call Roberto.

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