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Friday, October 01, 2010

Okay, so I've been gone for 2 weeks and I wasn't online for 2 straight weeks-well, not that straight 'cause I was online when we ate at Burger King just to update my plurk. Anyhoo, I had a fantabulous weekend with Bunny and my colleagues! So, our destination for the weekend was Club Manila East and I've been there before but we had a car, this time, we didn't and we had to take a bus, an fx, a jeep and then a tricycle. The ride home was less grueling. We arrived at our destination around 9 and head a not-so-hearty breakfast. The burger we had tasted like crap, and the fries that came with it, blah, never mind! We still had unlimited four seasons, though.
The crappy burger
After that, we had a little program in lieu with event and then proceeded over to our respective Cabanas and changed into swimwear! Yes, people I'm excited for the sort of summer feeling in September because it's hot like hell in the city! We also had free lunch, but I had to keep myself from eating that much 'cause I was in a bikini and my beer belly was showing for the whole world to see! Haha!

That's me being too happy and at the same time reminding myself that the
universe will surely get back at me with something really bad.
Me, My Belly Piercing and My Beer Belly
I'm proud, people! Haha
By the way, have I mentioned the overflowing supply of beer from our ever great Boss PJ. We also had the guts to sing our hearts out for the whole world to hear. And, the most fun part is that Bun and I had our sort of,uhm, pre-nup themed photos! Hahahaha! Basically, that's the whole of it.
They came unlimited!
Poor empty cans we gulped consecutively!
This is not really our kind of a pre-nup photo.
Now, this is more like it! Hahaha
Bun: Here's one for you! Hiyaa!

I won't describe them further; I'll just let the photos speak for them crazy people! All in all, the weekend was rowdy and ________, you fill in the blank! How about you, how was your weekend?

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. *had to delete first comment kasi daming typo errors :p*

    Hahahaha I love the fight scene photos :D Reminds me of a photo of Joey and I!

    I'm from Rizal but I haven't been in Club Manila East. Do you recommend the place? hehe

  3. I do, I do! But that is because of the waves and the fact that you can surf and kayak, pero kung sa distance, ay, ewan ko nalang! Nalayuan ako. Haha! But since you're from Antipolo, okay na :)

    Btw, fun ang fight scenes! Hahaha! Ilang tries din yan, and I must see a version of your fight scene with Kuya Joey, too! Haha Enjoy the weekend!