Love At Second Sight : Taytay Tiangge Haul!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

If you haven't heard of Taytay Tiangge at this point, then boy, can I just say you're in for a treat when you read ahead. This isn't the first time I'm writing about Taytay Tiangge. I wrote about it over a year ago, right when I was debating If I should share this gem and risk having it sensationalized. But even before I could decide on that, people started fawning over the place and so I didn't even have to make a decision anymore. I just had to share what little knowledge I have of the place so other people can enjoy it too. You can read about my tips when visiting Taytay here!

On my second visit, I found out that while it's best to visit during Tuesdays and Fridays, the optimum time would be 7PM onwards. I was already there at 5PM and started scouting the place. I saw that most of the new stocks were delivered 7PM onwards. During my visit, I noticed that the tiangge's have grown thrice it's size since the last time I went there. It could be the influx of people coming over that made increase production, but eitherway, it's good news for me since it means more clothes to choose from! On today video, I'll just be sharing some of the things I purchased during my last visit. I think I spent less than P1500 but I got more or less 12-15 pcs of clothing. Ugh, isn't that great?? Let's begin!

Hope you guys enjoyed the video! If you want to see more of that kind of content, please follow me on my Youtube Channel! Most of videos I have are primarily on food, but  I do a few beauty/fashion shit every now and then. But ya'll know I'm more of a food type of gal so y'know what to expect. Have an awesome week, lovelies!

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