Cheaper Than Divisoria : 5 Tips When Shopping At Taytay Tiangge!

Sunday, February 05, 2017

I've always been the type of person who'd rather spend her money on food rather than clothes. And while I love shopping, I always ask myself if my purchase is worth the buy. I mean, don't we all? That's why so many are fond of Divisoria. You get the same items for half the price, if not less. Most of these items are also the same ones you see in the malls sans the price tag. The only downside one can think of though when visiting Divisoria is safety. With that, I'll be introducing one shopping haven that you may or may not have heard off. But either way, has a more relaxed atmosphere than Divisoria.

Friends, I introduce you to Taytay Tiangge. I first heard about this place last year, and has since been hell bent on coming over to check out their goodies. When I first got there, I went crazy. THERE WAS JUST TOO MUCH CLOTHES. Item-wise, it's not as diverse as Divisoria. But if you're looking to score clothes on a tigh budget, then, Taytay Tiangge is the place for you. With that, I'd like to share a few things you may want to know when you go there. Let's begin!

1. Dress comfortably. 
The shopping stalls are not located inside a mall, unlike Divisoria wherein you have 168 or 999, and a fully air-conditioned mall to boot. In Taytay Tiangge, stalls are built on make-shift tents made of canvas and the passageways can be pretty narrow and extremely humid. Make sure your moves are not constricted by the type of clothes you wear 'cause it can get crazy in there! Well, at least for me cause I was overwhelmed with everything, hehe. Bring a fan if you can 'cause it can get too hot as well. 

2. Bring your own eco bag. 
And I only say this out of concern for Mother Nature. While all of the stalls will provide you plastic bags for your purchase, it's best if you just bring your own eco bag to dump your purchases in. Not only will you be holding on to just one bag, unlike carrying several plastic bags and risking losing one or two, you also do your part in helping conserve our environment. 

3. Don't forget the cash!
In contrast to Divi wherein some stalls accept credit card payments, you have to bring out the bills when it comes to Taytay. While scouting the area, I also didn't see any ATMs nearby so I highly recommend you bring in a lot of cash if you're buying a lot of items. Make sure you keep your money well if you're bringing a lot!

4. Visit on Tuesdays and Fridays. 
While most stalls are still open on other days, one seller informed me that new stocks come in on Tuesdays and Fridays. Some of the other stalls as well only open on these days which is why I highly recommend coming in on the given days. More choices and more chances of getting clothes at a lower price!

5. Buy in bulk. 
Most stalls slash the price if you buy clothes in bulk, or wholesale as they call it. Some of the stalls I've visited would have a minimum of 3, some 6 and the others 12. You'd love the amazing amount of discount you'd get when you buy in bulk. Stores always carry several colors of the same style anyway so this wouldn't be a difficult choice, lol. 

Those are just some of the things I have in mind right now. I've attached a video showing my recent haul from Taytay. I only got a few items from this visit, but promise I'll go back and give you guys a virtual tour so you'd have some idea what the place looks like, For now, I recommend visiting the place and drowning yourselves in affordable but quality clothes, and local at that! #SupportLocal Happy shopping!

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