Food Diary : Unli Crab for P699 at Hooks Unlimited!

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

My birthday month is officially over and I'm here to dish out everything I've enjoyed for the entire month. To be honest, it was one of the chill-est birthday months I've had. I was drunk most days and just ate everything I wanted which means a ton of sashimi, sushi and seafood! It was my free pass to eat out as much as I can and not mind the weight that comes with it. I actually had a list of places I wanted to go to but since I was mostly drunk, lol, I only got to visit a handful of places on my list. And now, first up!

While scrolling mindlessly on Facebook, I saw a video of a guy stuffing his face with unlimited crab, huhu. Imagine how my mouth watered at the sight. I ended up checking the guy's entire Facebook page so I can see all his eating videos, lol. Anyway, one of the things that took time before I got to trying this place is that it's in Farview Fairview! I had to be on leave so I can go there in peace all while avoiding Commonwealth traffic! So, let's begin!

The Place
I was surprised because the place was fairly small. It had about 6 tables that can accomodate 4-6 people. With all the clamor that was going around since they announced the Unli Crab promo, I was wondering how much people they could accommodate during their peak hours. Fortunately during our visit, we were the only customers. There's also parking right in front of the building. Locating the place is also easy since you can just input the location on Waze. 

Service was fast! Well, I wasn't expecting anything less since we were the only customers in there. Before I even run out of crabs, the waiter would already ask how I'd like my next batch to be cooked. He would also always make sure the bucket for my crab waste was emptied before it was even full. 

The Food
Here's their pricing : Unlimited Shrimp - P599.00, Unlimited Crab - P699.00 and Unlimited Crab & Shrimp - P799.00. I only availed the Unlimited Crab since that's what I really came for. They also have other unlimited things on their menu like Unli Steak, etc. But on to the real star of the show--THE CRABS WERE SO FATTY OMG! I had a total of 6 and I was already feeling uncomfortable on my 6th crab (lol, highblood pressure) because they were just full of Aligue (crab fat). Out of the 6 I think I had one crab which looked a bit disappointing because it didn't have a lot of aligue but that was it; everything else was perfect. 

You can choose to have your crab cooked in 3 ways: Steamed, Singaporean Chili and Buttered. They usually serve 2 crabs per plate, and you can request for more even if you have't consumed your current plate. A friend commented on my post saying they used to have a ratio of 2 crabs = 1 rice, and you'd have to consume the rice before they serve you with another set of crabs but that wasn't the case for me. I only ate 2 cups of rice but I wasn't restricted to ordering more even if I didn't get to finish my rice. So, all's good on my end! 

Would I come back? If it wasn't in Fairview I would go here at least one a week! But damn, it's so far. I hope they can get a location that's closer to Ortigas because the drive is pretty exhausting plus trying to get there at an optimum time just to avoid Commonwealth traffic--too much of a hassle. But will surely drop by if I'm ever around the area since service was really great and I wasn't pressured to finish whatever's on my plate before I could get another serving. I'm also sharing this vlog but it's really just me eating so don't say you haven't been warned, hehe. Enjoy!

Hooks Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Budget : P600/person
10:00AM - 10:00PM  |  +63 9069490100
Audrey Building, Mindanao Avenue, Greater Lagro Fairview, Novaliches, Quezon City

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