Food Diary : Cafe by the Ruins

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Hola, lovelies! I hope you guys were able to enjoy the long weekend as much as I did! I spent the weekend in Baguio to celebrate (uber late) the boyf's birthday with his family. I also paid my lovely sisters a visit. I made sure I feed them good food which led me to recommending we eat lunch at Cafe by the Ruins. This quaint little restaurant is a bit pricey but almost everything is organic, and organic ingredients aren't cheap do I'd give it to them. I just wish their waiters/waitresses aren't absent-minded because this place is flocked by several people, incompetent service tramples good food.

Bibi ordered Crispy Tapa, since each serving was aplenty, we made sure we tasted each others dishes. I'm not a food connoisseur so don't quote me. Lol! This is just based on my own, unbiased taste perception of the food! The tapa was crispy, it may seem too dry but the tomatoes balance that. I added a bit of salt though (to the tomatoes) because it becomes bland once you add too much tomatoes.

With that, this dish gets *drum roll*..

 photo 4_zpsc172d803.png
Le sister loves Beef Steak to bits, hence, it's a no-brainer that among the specialties--she got Bistek Tagalog! Just look at that mountain of onions. Yummm! The beef was tender and the onions were perfectly cooked. I also love the sauce to rice ratio because my sister hates dry food. The serving is also humongous ze little sister had to order extra rice! 

Therefore, this dish gets...
 photo 5hearts_zpse16a41bc.png

Last but not the least, my order! This is Baguio, diets are forgotten in this place! Haha I ordered Baguio Bagnet because I'm a pig like that, I was expecting the usual fatty bagnet but I didn't quite expect anything this good! Aside from the pretty presentation, the bagoong isda and the bagnet was a match made in Baguio heaven! I was hesitant in using the lemon for the bagoong and tomatoes because I'm don't know how the combination will taste like since I'm used to calamansi and bagoong but never lemon. I was thrilled after doing so because it was perfect! I consumed everything in like 5 mins, am I a monster or what? No. the dish was just perfect. Lol. I guess you'd know how many hearts this dish gets.

 photo 5hearts_zpse16a41bc.png

Oh, that's the boyfriend and the little sister. We were so happy after consuming all our sumptuous meals so we decided to have dessert at, where else, Pizza Volante! Our favorite Chocolate Vanilla Affair awaits us. Lol. Our short dining experience at Cafe by the Ruins wasn't perfect, not because of the food but because of the service. Nevertheless, I know I'll always be back because I have yet to try their delectable breakfast menu. Their price can even leave holes in your pockets but it's worth it! 


If you have time, please make a reservation before hand. Waiting time can be grueling especially on weekends or holidays. And when you're in Baguio, you wouldn't want to waste your time waiting. During our visit, we wasted 30mins of our precious time. Even if the wait was worth it, nothing beats preparing ahead of time.

Cafe by the Ruins is located at 23 Chunttug St., Baguio City. They're open from 7AM - 9PM. For reservations, call (074) 442-4010.

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