Brighter Than Sunshine

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Ola, loves! The weekend is almost over, I'd usually curse and complain about how the weekend is so short and how Monday is always around the corner--but not this time. I only have a 3-day work week because I'm going to Iloilo with the boyfran and some friends from work. Weeeeeh! I've also had this outfit post on queue for some time now and haven't really had the chance to pair it with a good segue, sooooo, I guess this is where the segue parts comes in. Lol. 

Something summer-y, in time for our trip on Wednesday. Yaaaaay!

A vacay every now and then really makes things lighter, well at least for me. Especially it it involves the beach! I can already smell the sea in the air, feel the sand in my hair.

Have a greaaaaaaat week ahead! <3 p="">

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