There's a Solemate for Everyone

Monday, July 30, 2012

I haven't indulged myself into shopping for a few months now for I was saving up for an air condition for my room in the province. Also, whenever I go into malls and I feel like spending, I would mostly buy appliances, furnitures and linens. Lol. I don't know, I feel old doing that but I also feel great especially when my Mom would approve of the things that I buy. 

Anyhoo, while strolling and looking for trinkets I can buy for my room, I chanced upon this brand. The brand  had a lot of cute and cheap flats! And that brand, ladies and gents, is Solemate!

I'm a fan of cheap flats. Since I wear them a lot because of all the walking I do, no matter how sturdy the material is, they give up eventually. That's is why I like them cheap. Lol. When I saw these two babies for P299 each (around $6-$7), I immediately ran to the stall and made sure I grab 2 pairs!

The first one I got is this gray sparkly pair. I like it because it's simple and it sparkly! I love things that sparkle. This pair though is not very comfy when you wear them. I do a hell lot of walking inside the office and half a day with this pair gave me sore toes. I don't think it needed any breaking in because it still hurts up to now. :(

This pair also gathers dirt easily, I guess because of the color and the material. It's also available in black but I chose this color because I don't have gray sparkly flats. Next time, I'll make sure I run around or walk a lot when fitting a pair of flats. You never know when they're going to hurt.

The second pair I got was this pink velvetty pair with a nice ribbon on top. It's waaaaay more comfortable than the other pair. I also like the fit on my feet, phew. That was a tongue twister right there. The look is also simple and I'm guessing I'll be wearing this pair more than the other one.

Ooh, on a rather unrelated note, I'm bothered by my big toe. I know I lack a vitamin of some sort I just don't know what. I haven't been wearing a lot of nail polish because I'm worried with how it looks. It looks so unhealthy and ugly.

If you can give me any advise on what I should be doing with my toes, please leave me a comment or holler on Twitter or Tumblr!

Happy Monday!


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