My Lips Like Sugar

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hey guys! How have you been doing? The boyfriend got into an accident yesterday, I had to skip work so I can take care of him. We were also staying at home when the accident happened so we can't really travel to the metro. His foot injury looks a bit okay now but he still needs some rest.

I acted as his nurse (no kinky sex though. lol) since the incident and he's usually asleep which gives me more time for the innernetz! Yay! Lol, no. I have to wake him up at certain hours for his meds. But yes, more time for the internet which led me to discover Sugarlips! I was browsing a friend's blog when I saw their ad and boy, they have awesome stuff! While taking care of the boyfriend, I also spent my time window shopping. Lol. Check out the things I loved from their site.

Dusty Rose Cut out Dress for $60
Lyrical Drift Dress for $50
Spark The Night Dress for $39
Zacapa Migration Dress for $30
Striped Colored Pencil Dress for $45
Let's Rendezvous Dress for $52

Meydan Horse-Race Dress for $65
I love the Spark The Night and Dusty Rose Cut out the most! I feel like they're totally wearable inside the office, I just have to put some cardigan on. At the same time wearable for a night out too, just subtract the cardigan and change into some nude pumps or black open toed pumps, yes? I'm still waiting for my new credit card and haven't purchased any of these. I guess the waiting time is enough to think if these babies are really worth it!

Have you checked out Sugarlips lately?

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