Ice Cream Crazy, Ice Cream Baby

Monday, July 16, 2012

I love Ice Cream! Who doesn't? Especially for someone who lives in a tropical country where the weather is bipolar, you'd definitely love Ice Cream in the Philippines! On a weirdly unrelated matter, the Philippines has also been swarmed with Koreans who somehow bought their culture with them. Which brings me to something that combines both, Korean Ice Cream! Lol. I hope that made sense, err, one way or another. 

Let me introduce you to this baby, Samanco! I first had a taste of this fish-shaped ice cream at Donday, at eat-all-you-can Korean restaurant. I loved the taste because aside from Vanilla Ice Cream, it also had red bean paste which is something I really love! (Thinking about Starbucks' Green Tea with Red Beans? I only eat the red beans because I hate tea. Lol.) I wouldn't want to go all the way to Malingap St. just to buy the fish-shaped ice cream so I felt kinda sad 'cause I only get to eat it when we go there for buffets--well, until I discovered Samanco at Mini Stop! Yay!

Samanco is this big. Pardon my nails, those aren't dirt but glitters. It's kind of cute for an ice cream don't you think so? It's like a Korean version of our ice cream sandwich. Remember the ones that you buy from street vendors? I haven't really tasted an ice cream sandwiched between two buns but a friend from college explained to me that it's eaten that way, a local version of Ice Cream Sandwich. We Filipinos are so creative, hats off to that.

It's this thick so it may take time for you to consume the whole thing. Since I discovered it, I would share it with another person for I can't finish the whole thing as a dessert. This cutie patootie retails for P55 ($1+). I would say it's a bit expensive for an ice cream, but if I were to spend my P55 over an ice cream, I'd choose this any day over Magnum.

Have you tried this yet? :)


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