Hey, I Put Some New Shoes On

Monday, May 07, 2012

They say you can never have so many of two things, good friends and shoes. I'd have to agree to that. I have running shoes, hiking shoes, stilettos, pumps, boots, wedges and of course flats. 

Most guys would prefer ladies in high heels because it gives grace to one's posture (if you're wearing them the right way), adds height and of course, makes you look smokin' hot (it depends on who's wearing them. lol). After a day or so of wearing those sky-high heels, there will come a point wherein your precious feet will need to rest too. That's why I love flats. 

Don't get me wrong, with my height, I must love heels. I have to, so people can see me. Lol. Not necessarily, it's just a must because I want my posture corrected for I'm always slouching! Aside from that, the boyfriend think it's hot, plus I look taller! Optical illusion, yow!

I got these new ballet flats from Parisian a couple of weeks ago. I'm still anti-SM, and I'm trying not to purchase anything from them unless it's totally necessary, like these flats! It was an emergency and the only mall open that time was SM. Darn.

Anyhoo, I love the design because it's simple yet elegant. I hope Parisian is not a direct product of SM like bonus. I'm distracted, sorry. Going back, it's also very comfortable to wear, I can feel like I can walk all day wearing these cute dolls. Well I actually did during my sisters graduation and my feet didn't hurt!

Got to go, I'm addicted to textures. I've been editing photos since this morning. Lol.

What's your recent haul? Fill me in the comments!

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