Confide With Sly, You'll Be The Wiser

Saturday, May 05, 2012

My laptop is an extension of my social networking life. I know in this demented world we can almost do everything with our mobile phones but trust me, nothing beats blogging and editing your photos using a laptop. I don't know if it's just me but a bigger screen always works for me. Plus the keyboard. Lol. 

With that being said, my laptop is always on. Sometimes when I have a lot of things on queue with torrent, I leave it on the overnight as if it has the same durability as a desktop! I know it doesn't, based from 2 laptops that I've had before. I bet they were used and abused so they gave up on their ruthless owner. 

Anyhoo, according to technicians (I'm not even sure they're certified.) the unlikely death of my previous netbooks and laptops has something to do with the heat because something got burnt inside. I'm not that technical, y'know! They also told me the usual cause of it is if the laptop is unable to release the hot air properly. Even if it has it's own cooling system, if you usually put it in your lap on on top of a pillow, that's when it gets messy. 

I'm thinking the technician had ESP or something because that's exactly what I do with my laptop out of laziness. Sometimes I even watch movies while lying on my bed. Darn, should've known better. 

I think I've learned my lesson. Look what I got!

I got myself a laptop cooler which also doubles as a cute mini desk! I bought it for P680, I'm not really sure about the quality and I have no complaints so far. With CD-R King, you're never really sure. Yes they sell cheap items but some will probably last a week or two, and some on the other hand are really good ones. I hope this one falls under the good ones. 

Out of impulse, I also bought a mouse. When I saw it on the display, I thought the color was Apple Green. When the boyfriend and I got home, I was surprised to see how neon the color was. I about to have it exchanged and pretend it has a defect but i thought this will do. It's green anyway.

I spent P150 for the mouse, btw. It's kinda pricey for a small thing. I think my past laptops are in better places now, wherever they are or the parts are. Hopefully, this one that I bought with my own sweat and blood wouldn't have to go through the same death.

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