Get The Party Started

Monday, March 19, 2012

This is an overdue post about some celebration we had weeks ago. Last February, Mom's side of the family had a homecoming party for one of my Uncle's/Summer-opener party for the fam bam. My extended family told me to invite the boyf so they get to interact with him longer. They have met him before it's just that he was too shy to mingle and chitchat with them. This time he had no excuse!

Oh yeah, so this is my post-sleep-pre-drinking face. Hello!

Bunny is trying to pretend that he's drunk here but he never got drunk. He was just too sleepy and snored a lot. He's probably tired. He was all excited with all the seafood around, I was too. I mean, who wouldn't?

This is my cousin Kuya Louie(R) and his wife Ate Chel. I seldom see my cousins and when I do, I always get surprised because they always change a lot, physically at least. Either that or we just haven't seen each other for the longest time.

In gatherings like these in the family, food is also awesome. It's not just unlimited, it's so freakin' delicious. You'll be having foodgasms like an 18yr old virgin.

Ensaladang Mangga
Chicken BBQ
I kid you not when I say that my Aunts cook the best dishes in the planet. Not because they're Kapampangan's (you know what they say!) but because they have this distinct flavor when they cook something. Something that I've grown to love and will always love!

I'm a lover of seafood, I think it runs in the family. Whenever we have gatherings my aunts or uncles never fail to surprise us with delectable seafood dishes. Some you won't even see in restaurants. I believe not only are Kapampangan's good in cooking, they're also very creative. Lelz.

Bunny getting drunk!
My cousin and my Mom. 

In the latter part of the night, something stole the spotlight from the mouth-watering and glorious seafood sitting in our table. My Tito gave us a box of Johnnie Walker - Blue Label so we can stop bugging him for money that we can use in the casino. Hahaha! I drank a bit of it, yes it tasted nice but I'm trying to lower my alcohol intake -- I think I might have Gastritis because hangovers are spent at home, the whole day, trying to puke my guts out. It's not the usual hangover but anyhoo I'll tell you more about that on another entry. Let's get back to Johnnie here, he's a bit of an attention whore.

My cousin, Judd. 
My cousin's who weren't in the drinking age yet, and being surrounded by their parents can't do anything but have their photos taken while holding the infamous bottle of that cruel alcohol. After all, a picture can tell a thousand stories (?), you won't know if they got drunk or not just because of a simple photo, yes? So long as they were holding the bottle, I think that'll do as a nice Primary photo on Facebook.

My balikbayan pasalubong!
To cap everything off, it was a nice family get-together! Plus the boyfriend met most of the members of my super extended family! Oh, have I told you I recently met his relatives too? More about that on my next post!

Happy Monday!

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