Grams Of Hash, Bikini Bash

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yay, summer is here! Good news, yes! Bad news? Definitely, or at least for me. Summer always translates to beach, pool parties, etc. basically anything that involves a body of water or water itself because of the sweltering heat in this tropical country that we are in. Apparently, even if summer is one of the things that I anticipate the most every year, it's also one of the seasons that I dread. Ironic. I know exercise is good for the body yada, yada, don't give me that lecture because I know that, thing is, work has taken it's toll on me. And for the past year alone, I gained. 8kgs. And it's so fvcken obvious with my humongous thighs and bulging belly. Don't get me wrong, I'm not THAT fat but I'm starting to become heavy. I'm just awesomely covered in pieces that thankfully cover these things up.Plus, I'm fat in all the wrong places. I have a flat chest, very thin arms, but my tummy and thighs are--NVM. Haha!

A lot of people get deceived when I talk about my body issues, they come up and say, "You're so thin, WTH is your problem?". I'm like, "Girl, you ain't seen nothing yet." It's so difficult to be fat in a weird way. Thank God for high-waisted swimsuits.

This has my name written all over it. 

I saw a lot of designs over the innernet but they're all international online shops. (Insert third world problem hashtag here). Shipping fee is so not worth it for a bikini like this. I'm just buying one so that people will not put comments like, "I feel like that's what you wore last yr, yes?". Hahaha! NONONO. I've worn my swimsuits several times and I think it's time for a new one, insert puss in boots face here. I'm currently eyeing polka dot designs, they remind me of Rachel McAdams in The Notebook

 I'm thinking though if I should get block colors or printed colors, which one would you think can hide my alien-like tummy? I like the polka dots, but I'm thinking if I should get a solid black one, too. I'm thinking it's too plain but it'll make my tummy look smaller. Oh, beach. How come we have this love-hate relationship. Universe, please conspire.

Good thing designers didn't only think about skinny people when they decided to create swimwears. There are those for people who want to conceal their tummies, thighs, super boobs, etc. I'm not sure though if there's already a swimwear line that can actually conceal flabby arms, so far that's not one of my concerns.

I'm not saying my problem is solved until I get to try one of them. Wish me luck!


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