You're One Year Older, Your Life Isn't Over

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Being the self-absorbed person that I am, you'll probably be surprised that this post is not all about me. It's about a friend's birthday so I won't be saying a lot because I'm not good at that. If I were to write something about myself, we can take all day, that's how self-absorbed I am. Nah, kidding. Well, sort of because I've already bombarded you with thoughts about myself before stating something proper about the person we will be talking about today. Hah, got you there!

 In this photo, you can see the birthday girl trying to dab some lip gloss onto her lips as if preparing for a debut party and the debutante is about to come out in her shimmering gown. At least that's how we thought it should go.

If you're a seafood lover, this face would be familiar. We planned the celebration at Blackbeard's Seafood Island, since we're not on the same shift, this was my breakfast and their dinner.

Birthday muffin

If you're wondering who's doing her looks, that's our perky, gay friend Jai. He's good with makeup, hell, he can even put better lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, etc. than all the other girls at work.

It wasn't quite enough.
If I remember it correctly, I think we ordered the Mt Apo boodle, or Mayon? I'm 80% positive it's Mayon. My memory about the name was a bit vague because all I can remember was the taste of the food! Nomnom!

In our boodle, we had chicken, crabs, clams, liempo, atsara, shrimps, squid, etc. It was so filling you can't help but have a bottle of beer after, which of course I didn't have because I have work. Aah, food porn at its finest.

It was fun sans the drama and the crying. I didn't know a birthday could be fun without the added cinematic entrance, crying and all that shiz. Loljk. Haha! Aside from the gorgeous food, the celebrant was also wearing gorgeous shoes that day. I think Dan failed to snap a shot, uh-oh. Anyhoo, this gives me an idea on what to wear, eat and cry about during my birthday. Lelz. This better be big because the bitch is going to be 23. I crey.

Thanks for taking the photos while using my awesome camera, Dan.

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