A City Lit By Fireflies

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, the boyfriend invited me to come with him to Baguio so I can meet his parents. His parentals have been in the UK for quite sometime, I met his dad when we were still in college but not his Mom. I was quite nervous, with the television feeding us with thoughts that our lover's parents are supposed to disagree with everything and they're not suppose to like you by default.

Before entering their house, I have tried every delaying tactic so we can prolong the agony, but alas, we had to come in. Upon going inside the house, we were surprised that his Dad was on his way out and his Mom is out. Yesss! I think God heard me. We slept for we were too tired from the trip, when I woke up it was already time for dinner. This time, I can't delay the meeting anymore because we will be eating in one table. When we went to the table, his mom was smiling and said hi. She was friendly. Contrary to popular belief, she's not scary after all.

The weekend was a blast and his mom was kind beyond words. His dad on the other hand is a natural comedian, he also told me stories about Mountain Province and I was a giddy little girl all ears. I couldn't be more thankful for the weekend. I also met his extended family, I hope the photos justify how good the weekend was for me.

The kind of affair I won't regret.

A lot of Bibi's relatives were asking me if I can speak Ilocano, if this question were asked by a different person I would proudly say I can do simple sentences and of course, curse in Ilocano. I was ashamed to say that I can't, even if I stayed for over 4 years in Baguio. So bibi and I came up with an action plan and that is to teach each other a sentence from our own dialects, Kapampangan to Ilocano then vice versa. I hope this works out because I'd really love to chat with this relatives in Ilocano next time!

This is me and Bibi relaxing during the afternoon party. The weather was so good and the couch was the perfect place to retreat and just look at Baguio's beauty. If you're looking at my thighs, I know they've gotten big because of the lack of physical activities, don't worry I'll get back in shape. If you weren't looking, err, then, don't. Haha!

Buag-ay and Somee

A trip to Baguio is never complete without going by Pizza Volante. The prices might be unreasonable now compared to how much they cost before but eating here makes me remember the fondest memories I had of college.

Trying to look at the menu when I know I'll order the same thing.

This is what I always get no matter what time of day we come in here. I smother my plate with Maggi Savor then devour my omelette which is usually filled with tomatoes, onions and bacon.

The usual for the boyf.
View from Lovey's house.
Baguio <3
Never have I gone to Baguio and regret one single minute there. I have and will always love the place even if  people aren't there anymore. The places we went to will whisper the kind of laughter that we had, how we enjoyed drinking in a cold, rainy summer. Once upon a time, in Baguio City.

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