Everyday App Shufflin' : My Top 5 iPhone Apps (2012)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My phone is my constant companion. When I'm bored I play games, when I want to share a photo I connect to the Internet, when I want to read I open my e-books. It's basically the only thing that can keep me from being bored, aside from the boyfran that is. Lelz. I don't use the phone a lot for texting and calling because camera phones are not allowed in the office. My go-to phone when it comes to texting and calling is my trusty Nokia non-cam phone.

Anyhoo, even if I don't use it that much, I always keep it handy in case I get bored. I'm not a super techie person but let's just say I know how to get around my phone especially when it comes to using paid apps for free. *wink*

Here's a quick rundown on my favorite iOS apps!

So first off, Instagram. Who is not familiar with Instagram? I think most, if not all of us are. It comes with preset filters that you can use for your photos. It has that vintage feel and sorts of gives drama even to a picture of a trash can. It's really nice if you know how to use it, but there's also a point when it becomes tacky, thanks to camwhores who want to show the world a photo of their ingrown.

You can easily publish photos edited through Instagram to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. 

Next, I have Foursquare. I check-in wherever I go, I'm addicted! Friends from the US told me that you can get discounts if you frequent a specific place, I have experienced that when I checked in at SM Megamall and there's this yellow tab that says 'special'. It says I can get 20% off if I shop at SM Department Store but I'm not sure how it works so I didn't try. Lelz. 

Up next we have Diptic. You know those times where posting one photo is not enough to tell the whole wide world world about that something you want to tell them? Err, that didn't come out right. Let me rephrase. There are moments where one photo isn't enough to let the whole world know how awesome the party was, how delicious the food is, how pretty you are in that pink dress and all that shit. Well, Diptic is the app for you.

We move in to my 4th favorite app, we have Pixlr-o-matic. What's good about this photo-editing app is that it's not only for iOS users, it also has a web version so you can also edit your high-res photos straight from your digital cameras or dSLRs. Pixlr-o-matic has a lot of amazing filters to choose from, it's not that limited as Instagram. You can also add lighting effects and change borders with a vast selection to choose from. The only thing I don't like about it is the inefficiency to share the photos to other social networking apps. Unlike Instagram, Pixlr-o-matic does't have a platform to automatically publish your photos in Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

Lastly, we have GetGlue! I discovered GetGlue thru my Twitter friends. I got curious and addicted to the app, and as they say, the rest is history. With  GetGlue , you check in to the artist that you're currently listening to, the book that you're reading, the movie that you're watching etc. It also has streams about the show/artist/book you just checked in. Aside from that, you earn a sticker if you frequently check in! They also deliver it you wherever you are so long as you've already earned twenty! As of this writing, my first batch of stickers are on their way. I'm a giddy little girl always waiting for the package! The last time I checked, I already have 42! :)

There you have it, my top 5 iOS apps. I can go all day with this topic because I have a ton of favorite games I would love to write about, I think I'll save that for another blog post.

Happy Thursday!


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