One More Saturday Night

Monday, October 24, 2011

The past few weekends have been spent solely for the boyfriend and the boyfriend only. Our bonding would most like take 2-3 days, that's right after my shift ends (Saturday AM) and before my shift starts (Monday PM). We usually just watch TV and dick around with each other. Almost always, we dine outside because none of us want to take the initiative to cook anyway.

I think this was 2 weekends ago, we were at Trinoma trying to look for the perfect leather shoes and slacks for Bibi's new work, I had the P99 Pizza Hut infatuation back then so I imposed we eat at Pizza Hut.
Green Salad with croutons
Some soup, I forgot the name.
Their P99 meals are great! I hope Shakeys would have the same idea. The serving it's not really humongous but it's enough to keep you full. You can also also mix and match the things that you like, all for P99. Awesome right? Oh, and the best part is, it doesn't have service charge unlike other items in their menu.

I've also been craving for Japanese food lately. But of course, since we're saving up, we don't have the luxury to eat at expensive Japanese restaurants so we always settle for Tokyo Tokyo whenever I have that craving. I love their California Maki to pieces!!

California Maki
Beef Misono 
Blueberry Yogurt
We also decided to try Red Mango's Blueberry Yogurt. We're very fond of Red Mango because they've given us an awesome line-up of flavored yogurts plus the toppings which are priced just right. We decided to try it without any topping so we can gauge what kind of topping will work with it.

4 of AI's contestants
While we were eating, people also started screaming so we checked what the cause of the commotion would be? Turns out 4 of the American Idol Finalists were there to promoted their concert.

Also, since I got my camera a remote, we can take more photos together! I just have to remind myself to bring a more appropriate lens next time. The 50mm just won't do it. Or maybe I need a new camera? We'll see when I get my 13th month pay. Haha! For now, I'll spam you with our photos!

How I wish every weekend can be like this. I hate reality, but I still thank God for weekends! :)


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