Grocery Bag : Moniegold

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When I'm in the office doing paper work, I usually crave for food because typing stuff into my monitor bores me and I have to have another task to juggle. And almost, always that's eating junk food. I don't like it knowing that sitting for almost 8hrs a day fattens me up like a pig that's about to be butchered. So, eating junk on the side will just make it worse.

I'm not sure if you can call this junk, but I love having this treat on my side whenever I'm in front of the computer and I'm doing no-brainers. Ladies and gentlemen, Moniegold!

I call thee, the Moniegold appreciation post.

Something else is already inside.

I use it as a container.
Everytime I finish one, I make sure I reuse it because it's very compact. As of now, I'm using the ones I have as a container for loose coins, pins and whatnots, candies and whatever small item that can fit in the container.

I swear I'm addicted to this tamarind candy. It's so tiny but it has so much flavor in it. The right kind of sweetness, spice and just a tad of sour taste in it.The texture is also not sticky, unlike other Tamarind candies. It's not comfortable to treat them as finger foods because sometimes the sugar sticks into your fingers or the smell and some of the consistency of the candy itself, which is kinda icky.

If you haven't tried this yet, you're missing half of your life!! I kid, of course not. But I prefer that you do, then tell me what you think!

Do you also have a treat that you can't stop eating at times?


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