Got The Color Of Evil And Blood

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm not fond of lipsticks. I bought my first lipstick a year ago and it was from Bench. I loved the color, it was dark and smelled a bit of chocolate and champagne. I rarely use it, though. I'd rather stick to my Nivea lip balm, it gives my lips the some sort of color anyway. Some of my friends keep telling me that I should start wearing one, at the same time put some tint aka make-up on my face. It was kind of awkward at first, but you know, I'm getting there. Hahaha But, it's still awkward.

Earlier this year, I won a package from Ms. Jenni Epperson, it included eyeshadow, lipstick and all sorts of fun colors you can put in your face. I'm not that adventurous when it comes to make-up so I just got one lipstick that I think I'll prolly use in the future and gave the rest of the stuff to my mom.

One day before going to sleep, I saw the lipstick and thought that I haven't used it yet. I forgot that I have it that's why I didn't use it during the Amazon Partey. I tried to see if the color will actually look OK on me. Well, you be the judge!

I think it looked pretty good, but then again as I was saying, i'm not adventurous enough to wear this in the office. When I go clubbing, prolly. For now, I'm still working on it. BTW, sorry for my bra popping out of my clothes just like that. Meh.

What's your favorite lipstick color? Can you suggest anything that could work best with my skin color?

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  1. Yes, it looks good on you. Really good actually... Sometimes I wish my skin was a little fair so I can wear any shade of lipstick ;))

  2. What kind of lipstick do you wear, Ate jan? Lighter or darker shades? I hope one day I get to be very confident so I can wear that in broad daylight. Haha