Live It One More Time

Friday, October 28, 2011

Whenever I get moved to support one account, I always get the chance to be there the same time they'll be celebrating their anniversaries. This happened around a month ago, I'm posting it just now because I sort of miss the people that I worked with. I'm supporting a different account now, but I still manage to find myself thinking about the what if's. I know this is bull, since we trainers always get moved, there's no place for attachment or whatnots but I can't do that, I just can't. Plus, the people from Amazon were really nice.

So, a month ago, Amazon celebrated it's first year anniversary at Flight Bar. We were approached by one of the managers and were asked if we can host the program. I've hosted some events before but not in a formal manner. The environment was just relaxed and all, so I was a bit scared upon accepting the invitation. But I thought, this is a party, so why not have fun, eh?

Pardon my pimples. I would want to be able to look at my blog and see how I looked like.

Bibi accompanied me through the night
A gum. How appropriate

I wuv yew, Bibi!
I look cross-eyed here.
My co-hosts/trainers.
 Okay, let me tell you a story about this drink. I've loved Blowjob (the alcoholic drink) ever since I first had it, no pun intended. Before hosting, I wanted to be a little tipsy so the boyfran and I ordered Tequila and Blowjob. I was a bit shocked when they were serving it because they were putting one stack of glass over another. It was so high I got scared to drink it, what if my face get's burned? The usual Blowjob that I get is in a small shot glass with a tiny fire, but this one's shockingly awesome! People were cheering for me to just drink it and get it over with so I did and it was fun and it sizzles! hahaha!


Also at Flight Bar, they have this tradition of making someone drink in a sexual kind of way (or at least that's how I saw it) when the Captain blows the whistle. They're all dressed like Captains and Stewardess and once they come over to your location, you can't just decline the drink. It's vodka anyway.

I had fun! After a long time, I finally got drunk. I invited Lovey on purpose so he can actually take me home. *wink*

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