Food Diary : Chef Laudico's Breakfast

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Last week, Bibi and I decided to explore the Ayala Triangle since I'm temporarily assigned in Makati, so why not make the most out of it? We were supposed to go the safe way and head to Bonchon  but it was still closed at around 8AM. As we were looking for other places to eat, we chanced upon Chef Laudico's Breakfast, and since it was breakfast time, we decided to try it.

The food was pricey.
The price of the food is a bit expensive, I'm kind of thinking the place was actually targeting executives considering the price and the taste of the food. I had Buttermilk Chicken, Bibi ordered Angus Tapa and we both agreed that we'll also get Champorado because the photo looked so tempting. The food didn't take that long, the waiter already set our expectations that it might take 10-15mins. And true enough, it was indeed served to us within the time frame.
Belgian Champorado

So, this is actually how their Champorado is served. We forgot that it's Belgian Champorado that we ordered so it's not the usual malagkit, this one is served with rice krispies and some sort of Belgian chocolate. You just have to mix the rice krispies in the chocolate and...

...tadah! This is the finished product! The consistency feels the same as when you're eating the traditional Champorado, but it really differs with the taste. The chocolate was very good, though! It was rich and creamy yet not too thick so I loved it.

Buttermilk Chicken
 I ordered this specific item in the menu because anything with milk seems to be appetizing for me, and the menu stated that it's 1/4 chicken. That's a quarter, right? I didn't see that.

My 1/4 chicken. Uhm?
I asked the waiter if this chicken is indeed 1/4 of a whole chicken and he said yes, he also told me that it looked like a small serving because they had to cut it into small pieces and I'm like, WTF? Seriously? I wasn't satisfied with this dish, not just with the quantity but with the quality as well considering the price I had to pay. I kept on talking the whole time we were eating so I can prevent myself from eating too much of this crap. It also had an Adobo sauce which I think didn't suit the chicken. But then again, that's just me.

Angust Tapa
Bibi ordered Angus Tapa, and though it didn't taste exceptionally well I kept on getting some from Bibi's plate because the taste is more tolerable than my Buttermilk chicken. At first I thought it tasted like Beef Misono

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