Ochi Stays In Makati

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last week, Makati was so-so. You're probably still wondering (or not) why I still fret about Makati when I've been going there for 3 wks already. Well, the mere fact that I can't get a lot of sleep and I have to pay thrice the fare compared to when I was still in UPA pisses the shit out of me. But let me try to give way to good vibes and tell you a 'few' things that makes my stay in Makati worthwhile. 

For one, Bibi can visit me almost everyday because his Uncle is currently confined in Makati Med, so whenever he's not doing anything, he drops off during my break so we can eat or have coffee together. Another thing is that I get to meet more people and bosses thus expanding my network. Third would probably be the people that I'm currently spending my time with, they're new friends and I'm sure once we go back to UPA, we can still bond the same way. They also share with me a lot of the best practices they've had. 

Personally, let's see. 

I wore this awesome Polo I bought from Baguio, it's for P80 but the material is so good I think it's totally worth it. I also love how it looks when you fold the sleeve, the fit as well is pretty awesome. I've been wondering why I wore this just now.

You're probably thinking we're in the Philippines and we don't need Turtlenecks while working. Well I do because I'm in the night shift and it has become significantly cooler than the usual because of the ber months. The only challenge is commuting after shift, especially when Mr Sun decides to play a game on you.

I've been seeing the boyfriend more often! His uncle got confined at Makati Med, as I mentioned before, and he'd usually come and visit me when his Uncle is fast asleep. Sometimes we'd have coffee or late dinner at Mcdo. Schweeeet! The photos were taken last Saturday when we had bfast at Shakeys.

The first time I wore these flats. They're so comfy and they feel so thin at the same time that's why I'm worried. What if it rains? We'll see!

Some snaps from Shakeys

I tried Shakeys' Chicken, Hero Sandwich and Salad for P131.00. Felt like it was too pricey so I suggested they have P99 meals just like what Pizza Hut does.
Bibi's bunch of lunch
And that's the squeeze for the week. I think this coming week is gonna be a bit boring but we'll see. Wish me luck!


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