Lazy Daisy : Priest

Monday, October 03, 2011

I've been wanting to watch this movie for the longest time out of curiosity. But due to my laziness, I kept on procrastinating until it was no longer shown on cinemas. I had to make do with dload which is also a bit better because I can take screenshots.

In a nutshell, the film was set in an alternate world rules by Catholic priests. Not far from reality if you'd ask me. This alternate world had vampires and 'Priests" taking war into a whole 'nutha level. The 'Priests' were our main warriors against vampires, they didn't have to conduct mass nor confessions but had special skills instead. They also had crosses in their foreheads, not sure if it's tattooed or what because when they get sweaty it kinda fades.

The church all of a sudden commands the people, or let's say, tell's them instead that they need to stick together in this heavily-gated place and they will all be safe. Also, priests were told that the was is over so they were asked to give a vow never to fight vampires again unless totally necessary.

I loved the animation part in the beginning.
I call him the Chief Priest. He doesn't fight, he just commands.
Predictable conflict, one of the the Priests (Paul Bettany) had to break the vow because of family issues. I won't discuss this any further for it will reveal everything about the film. Hahaha!

One of my favorite scenes. He breaks his rosary because he's breaking his vow.
The Chief Priest gets mad and thinks that his credibility is being challenged.

To make the long,crappy story short, they find out that war is not yet over after discovering where vampires are actually hiding. This was made possible thanks to the leader of the church. The story goes on with more gore and awesome sauce fight scenes that I think can't be done by the priests that we have today.

So, a movies is not complete without forbidden love, eh?

A fight scene with a previous Priest-turned-vampire

The walk of fame
So, yeah. There were a lot of nice and cool ninja moves in the movie, but the vampires looked awkwardly scary. They also use these prototype-looking motorcycles which looked like a worn out version of Batman's motorcycle. But hey, maybe it was designed that way so that it can be anti-vampires? Okay, I'm not judging anymore since I contradict myself.

It was also good that I didn't catch the film in the movie house for it's not worth it. The story is interesting, yes, but I'm not sure it will justify the P160.00 that you'll pay for an hour an a half for the movie.

I'm also thinking there's gonna be a prequel because there was some unfinished business at the end of the last fight scene. You would probably be wondering how I managed to finish the movie when I kept on complaining how it was, well for one, Paul Bettany  equals nice abs. I don't like his face and how his facial structure is, but God those guns!

That's it! If you want a copy of the movie, you can always visit our friendly, neighborhood uTorrent.


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