Pedring Raises Hell In The Philippines

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm not exactly sure when Typhoon Pedring hit the Philippines nor if Pedring is the same as Tropical Storm(?) Deja Vu, but whatever the origin of this typhoon is, it's definitely not welcome here in the Philippines.

It started raining in Pampanga around Sunday Afternoon but I didn't mind it, 'cause it's the rainy season and it always rains in the Phils during these months. Monday morning my tummy was feeling very painful I think because of the gall stones, they were prolly partying so I told my Boss I won't be coming in to work. Tuesday I was feeling okay so I packed my things but the rain started to pour really hard. My sister was also still in bed which means that classes were suspended. I asked my Mom for news regarding Makati because that's where I'll be reporting, but no news but the way to Makati seems impassable so I didn't go to work. Tuesday afternoon was a pain because of the extreme winds. We had to close the store because things were flying around.

I was so scared to go outside and take my camera, it might get damaged. So I took my phone instead and snapped a photo just so I can show people how severe the wind was. Good thing we had power, it was fluctuating but was steady throughout the night. We were worried about my sisters who were in Baguio for according to PAGASA the eye of the storm is in there.

As I write this, the storm is still frightening outside but I have to go to work. Adult responsibilities, you know. It's business as usual in most parts of the Philippines. I hate to leave my family for it will only leave me worried while at work since I'm 2 hrs away from them, but then again that's just 3 days I have to endure.

God bless the Philippines.

How are you guys with Pedring on board? Stay safe!


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  1. Damn, that's crazy! Like I always say though, as long as it's not another Ondoy, I know the homies can survive. I miss the simplicity of life back home...Glad you're okay Ochi! Be safe!

  2. I knoooow. Good thing it wasn't as extreme as Ondoy.