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Monday, August 22, 2011

I miss how the weekends can just be easy like college weekends. Yes we did have exams, thesis and shit but unlike work, you can always skip it and reap the consequences. Weekends for me lately have been grueling, sleepless nights thinking how much work is waiting for me come Monday. I think I should learn how to separate work from my personal life, because I'm getting too indulged in it to the point where all I talk and rant about is work.

Now, stop. Breathe.

I wasn't suppose to talk about that. Let's try to take a detour. My previous weekend was pure fun. Kidnapped bunny after I had drinks with friends. We watched Role Models, Underworld : Evolution, The Corpse Bride and Grown Ups.

Each movie earned a respective blog post, but I'll do that next weekend since I have loads to finish and I have a deadline, this doesn't. Like my previous blogsposts thought, I'd die for more weekends like this with the boyf. <3 I was trying to post a .gif of the boyf and I together but I don't know how to do that in a blog post.

I'll work on that, for now, Ciao!


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