Lazy Daisy : The Corpse Bride

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I liked this part of the movie so I'm keeping it as a cover. Heh.

So, I just watched The Corpse Bride almost a week ago. This is Tim Burton's brain child so I was expecting something not so creepy but of course unusual. I first had a glimpse of this movie on ETC but I was too sleepy to wait for it to finish because there were one too many commercials. I dloaded it the same night and watched it a week after.

It was good. Not really brilliant, but I can say it was worth my bandwidth. Well, anything from Tim Burton usually surprised me and this didn't have that effect. It was good, okay, but that was it. I'm not really sure what the target market of this movie was, if it was for Kids then I'd say it was more than good.

Let's proceed. Skinny guy is about to get married to pretty girl but they haven't met each other. Both we're, of course, scared having to marry someone they haven't seen yet. The Skinny guy's family goes into the pretty girl's house to practice for their wedding and they fell in love in the spark of a, uhm, second.

Wedding rehearsal comes in, Skinny Guy realizes that he's head over heels Pretty Girl but then again is too clumsy and ends up messing the rehearsal. Weird Priest decide to give him sometime and tells him to keep his shit together because they won't get wed til then.

Skinny Guy decides to go into the forest to keep his shit together and  unknowingly recites his vow into a corpse bride. Corpse bride thought that Skinny Guy was serious and ends up falling head over heels Skinny Guy, stalks him everywhere and brings him into the city of the dead.

And you probably know what happened next. I'm assuming half of the population watched this before I did and I just want to imply that this was a nice movie on a rainy day while eating Chippy and Coke Float on the side.



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