iPhone Photo Dump : Updates on my not-so-boring life!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I was on a very long and lazy weekend. I had a blog post composed, but I was too lazy to even click on publish post. All I did was cook, eat and sleep. Oh, plus cuddle and watch movies with the boyf. I wish for all long weekends to be like that. We didn't bother going to Baguio because of the rain, thanks Mina!                          

I won't regret spending the weekend at home, cuddling and schmooching with the boyf though. Priceless. Here's what I've been up to!

1. Tiny Tower

My Bitizens are tacky.

Yes, joining the bandwagon of pocket gamers, yours truly. I'm not THAT addicted to it, yet. But I'm assuming I will be in a couple of hours or so.

2. My new phone

I also bought a new and cheap non-cam phone because camera phones are not allowed in the office. it's cute and it's utilized the way it should be, for P999, I can say it's okay. Oh, btw, it also has MP3, radio and an expandable memory card for up to 2GB. How awesome is that for P999? Hahaha Awesome!

3. A new watch!

This is my grown up/office watch. I've graduated from G-shock, I suppose.

4. Rings!

So, I've been to Divisoria and spent half of my paycheck purchasing unnecessary items like this set of rings. But they were just too adorbs to ignore!

5. A pair of floral sneakers

They awesome and irresistible. Also, I think they're Hipster looking.

6. Cut-offs

7. Studs

I bought this shiz for P100, I have yet to see it it flatters in any way, any part of my bodeh.

8. Happy Bed

This is my bed in Manila. It's empty and as you can see, it's a single bed (obviously). I spend lonely nights or days for that matter, because we don't get to cuddle during weekdays, only weekends. I guess it's not a happy bed after all.

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