Easy Like Sunday Morning

Monday, August 22, 2011

My weekend was a bit lazy, aside from the fact that I didn't have anything planned because I was supposed to host a party which got cancelled 2 days before the event, I honestly had no weekend plans laid out. I had to do an impromptu, so Saturday we suddenly decided to visit a long-we-thought-she-was-lost friend. We had drinks over at her place, then I kidnapped Bunny!

Went home to Pampanga on a cold and rainy Saturday night, I was so drunk and wasted when I woke up I was almost home. I was exhausted and I wanted to retreat in my bed but mom asked us to wash the dishes because the house help was on her rest day. Bah, hambug! Asked bibi to do it for me, though. Hihi!

I tried to make it up in the morning by cooking brekky for him. He was supposed to work while I distract him, 'cause I didn't bring work stuff with me at home. But then again he decided to just spend time cuddling with me, how schweet. <3 And, we watched a couple of movies while munching on chips and puffing smokes in between.

It was a good weekend, I hope we can have more of those after i move in to a different house in the metro. I hate having to live on buses, spending most of my time travelling than actually living life.

Yuck, yet again I feel inspired but I strongly feel that this post exudes my gayness. Lulz.My period must be on its way. Haha!

Here's an unnecessary photo of myself, heh! Enjoy the week!

I look preggers here. But I promise you I'm not. Lulz. Haha!


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