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Monday, July 04, 2011

I don't see the point of late blog or album posts but since I have one right now that dates back to the Holy Week, It'll somehow have a point. Let's see, uhm, the photos perhaps? Yes, that's it! I'm photodumping here from my Holy Week 2011 album plus some words and captions to go with it. That way, it'll look like a late blog post with sense. Yay! Shut me up. Let me carry on.

Since my mom and dad approved of lovey going home to the province with me every now and then, his visits became a little bit too often so I'm on a down low right now. Gimme a month and we'll go back to the routine. Haha! So last Holy Week, he spent the long weekend over at our house, eating like there's no tomorrow, sleeping and just slacking around.

Breakfast at PG 13 before the bus ride home
One of our few photos together. Thanks 50mm.

My Dad always teases him because we're in freakin' Pampanga and he is wearing a bonnet! Haha! I can't dictate his sense of style or how he wants to wear his hair. He says it's more convenient especially for out of bed kind of hair, so I just let him be. He's the one dripping in sweat anyway. LOLJK.

At the jeepney
Waiting for the ride to be full, with people that is.
After settling down, we got a bit bored and decided to go to the mall to window whop, just that. But things didn't happen the way we planned it to. There was a sale and Bun ended up giving me a post-anniversary gift! Hahaha!

Bun looking at the shoesies
Hipsturr thingy on my head
Poor baby cat we saw outside while smoking
We had dinner at Tokyo-Tokyo then went home for we were so tired! But it was fun nevertheless.

Miso soup, as always.
My appetizer! nomnomnom!
It was a good long weekend after all. So this is to having more weekends here at home with the boyfran. I'm just lucky that my parents gave me the freedom to have him come home here. I have such wonderful parents! Well, actually it doesn't matter if it's in Pampanga or Baguio so long as we're together! <3

Now tell me, is your boyfran/girlfran allowed in your home? :)


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