Come Away With Me : Bosay Resort, Antipolo

Monday, July 04, 2011

When I was promoted as a Trainer, the job didn't actually come with a handbook so I pretty much didn't have any idea what what my gains and misses would be. Apparently, there are more cons than pros and sad to say I only realized that now. But anyway, let me just tell you about our team building during the summer. Everything happened at Bosay Resort in Antipolo.

Before everything else, the photo of the resort was was sent to us and while I looked at it, I said it was pretty okay just like Club Manila East. But to our surprise when we got there. Oh no. The place was crowded, there was unbearable noise coming from all over. Sigh..
The boyf posing after having breakfast
I want to pose, too!
Jello shots by Abi!
Colorful utensil care of Meggie
Mangoes and Tomatoes for sawsawan!
If it were not for my boss, I wouldn't have went there and soaked myself. Plus I lost my underwater camera! i was just looking at it then I just looked at another direction for a minute and it's gone! Good thing it was just a film camera, but it still has monetary and sentimental value for me. Sad.

This is considered the not crowded part, srsly.
Co-trainers, EJ, moi, Hyooj and Pammy
EJ, Kat and Hyooj
After Bosay, we went to Meggie's house which is in Teresa. It feels like a village out of nowhere where killers throw their victims away. It was so far and the road going there felt a little dangerous since it was raining so some of the people who were supposed to join us in the night time weren't able to do so.

Dinner cooked by boss Jay
Grilled Chickans!
Chopseuy by Meggie
Mango float for dessert!
The dinner was overwhelmingly sumptuous. I couldn't ask for more especially after downing 6 slices of Mango float. We headed to drink after and had a goal of getting drunk before the clock strikes 12MN, it's what the boss wants so we should oblige!

UA Trainers
While playing stroke and grab!
We got drunk at around 12MN from The Bar, Boracay Rhum and Emperador. I had a sound sleep, though. When I woke up in the morning, food was already prepared! Aah, the good life. I didn't even have a hangover so I proceeded to eat breakfast with the boyf. And there it was again, a smorgasbord of food right in front of us.

leftover shrimps
Scrambled eggs
Century Tuna's tuna hotdog(?) tasted malansa
Oops, the fly got lost!

Contis chocolate cake for dessert! NOMNOMNOM
And last but not the least. 

A photo of a caterpillar. An epitome of the good life! LOLJK
In general, Bosay was a terrible experience for me. We weren't able to get a decent cottage with a karaoke machine. The traffic builds up even before you reach the gate, the people were awful, my camera got lost and I can go on and on but I prefer to stop. I hope not to go back there anyway so I guess I'm just giving you a warning, guys. Hope your experience is not as terrible as mine. 

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