I Wish That Every Kiss Was Never-Ending

Monday, July 04, 2011

Since the boyfriend moved here in the Metro, it's not that difficult for us to see each other often. Unlike when we had a long-distance relationship, monthsaries and anniversaries are mostly spent over the phone or skype exchanging I love you's and tiny tears falling from our faces because of the lack of interpersonal communication.

Cheesy much, I know. But since he moved here, I learned to appreciate how couples who are within each others  radar can be such a comfort. Quite honestly, long-distance relationships are hard to maintain. But anyway I'm so over that stage so let me just tell you how we spend time with each other during weekdays. We've had random dates and late celebrations about these events since we don't normally count unless I get mad or crazy about it one way or another. Some photos! I wish I had a gorillapod, working with a 50mm lens is difficult. It really is a poor man's lens.

favorite snack whenever I rant

Sorry everything is up close

Boyfie and Me!

I know it's rhetorical to ask if a long-distance relationship is hard. So I'm just gonna ask, if you're in a long-distance relationship right now, how are you guys surviving?


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