All That Meat And No Potatoes

Monday, July 11, 2011

I've started to morph into a fast-food monster. It's not enough that I live away from my parents, because of my laziness I've been eating ugh food for almost months now. I don't think I have the right to ask myself why I'm growing this big when I can't even finish a meal if it doesn't have rice, or maybe I can but with Uncle John's chicken.

Let me show you the food I'm eating and then brag about it some more even If I know it's no good. In return you can tell me how many years I've still got. K?

Early morning pizza from yellow cab

Most of my photos have certain effects from this app called lomolomo because I've been using my phone to snap photos. I'll tell you more about my phone in another blog entry.

Hamonado from 7-11

I got this for only P29.00!

Dole banana for dessert

Another reason why I'd jump into fast-food anytime of the day is because it's cheap. Well some, like 7-11. Meals are usually priced at P29.00 and above depends on what kind of meal would fill you up. I haven't tried their chicken, though. I also get my daily dose of fruits from convenience stores, which I know is not good because they have all these chemicals but I'm left with no choice since work eats up most of my time. The dole banana is pretty expensive though, at P12.00 each.

Some kind of noodle and orange chicken from North Park

Shakeys Bunch of Lunch

Dynamite cheese sticks

mang Inasal forevaar
I love rice to the nth level. If there's one staple food that can be on my plate for the rest of my life, it'll be rice. Rice with patis, rice with soy sauce, rice with tomatoes, rice with knorr seasoning etcetera. I was actually planning to buy myself a treadmill because going to the gym is expensive as heck but the treadmill is as well. So nevermind, I'll just eat rice.

Brekky # 1 : Lots of rice, egg and tomatoes

Brekky # 2 : Korean beef stew from 7-11 @ P39.00

Peanut Butter upside down cake from my Boss

Uncle Johns!!!


Dunkin Donut!


Brekky # 3 : Adobo Flakes from Sinangag Station

Brekky # 4 : Tocilog from Sinangag Station

So, because I got transferred to UP-A again, I've been having a lot of breakfasts recently. Well, that's because I have more friends in UP-A than in Shaw, or should I say Hanston because they already moved. But what the hell, with the amount of thinking and brain storming that I do everyday, I can burn all the calories I've accumulated so far. Crossing my fingers. Hahaha!

Do you have any favorite fast-food stop?


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  2. Jollibee's Fried Chicken is also good, lalo na yung balat, pero when it comes to quality plus quantity, Uncle john's!!