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Sunday, July 17, 2011

I lost my mobile phone again. Well that was almost 3 weeks ago. This has been happening consistently for the past years since I moved to Manila. At one point or another, most probably a month before or after my birth month, I lose my phone. Well not necessarily lose it out of nowhere, it gets stolen.

So this year, when I though I'm done with that curse, I lost my phone while I was in the bus. I had all my birthday messages saved in there. The boyf's messages are also in there. My bosses' numbers are in there. Good thing I lost in on the way home to Pampanga, so my Mom allowed me to borrow her extra phone.

But anyway, that was me being stupid again knowing that the bus is not the safest place you can sleep and still expect your things to be intact right after. Oh well, another lesson learned. Fun fact btw, I've been in Baguio for 4.5 yrs and nothing like this happened to me. I had several phones including an iPhone, but even if I get drunk, when I wake up my things are always there. Amazing, huh?:)

So, being the impulsive biatch that I am, I decided I need a new AND expensive phone. I thought, why not buy myself a new phone plus a post birthday gift to myself so it justifies the purchase. Silly me got taken aback by too much adrenaline that I was buying the phone before I realized I should have kept my savings.

But the deal has been done and a purchase is a purchase. I'm trying to convince myself that my phone is enough and I should not be buying this adorable Flip Mino HD with the elephant design. I want it, not need it, because I'm preparing something for the boyf's birthday. But since I'm on a budget, I think I'll stick with my old Sony to complete this project.

Done ranting. Lemme show you my new baby and help me think of a name for this cutesy patootsie!

My new baby!

It's so pretty!

Gift to self

The speck case makes it pretty heavy

I have a ton of other things that I want to buy right now, but my priority is the MinoHD. Hope I get a bonus or something. Haha!

Have you been lusting for any electronic gadget recently?


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