Day 1 : A picture of yourself with 10 facts

Monday, July 18, 2011

  1.  I'm not naked in this photo. I'm wearing a tube top.
  2. I just turned 22.
  3. I love everything gummy--gummy worms, gummy bears, gummy snakes etc. 
  4. I've been in a relationship for 3 yrs and 7 mos, my longest so far.
  5. I have 5 piercings.
  6. I feel awkward having a higher position than people older than me. 
  7. I have 3 siblings, all girls. 
  8. I think porn should not be taboo. 
  9. I wanted to be a model, but judging from my height, you know what happened next.
  10. I'm a bitch, the crazy one. 


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