Food Diary : Kamayan sa Baguio - White Hat - Point and Grill

Monday, June 27, 2011

Since I spent a good 4 years and 2 months in Baguio, when I go there I try to opt for food stalls/restos that I haven't tried before when I was still a student. I know I have a ton of places to go to, that's why Baguio and I will always meet again. But so far, let's wee the places I frequent when I go there. This kind of weather makes me miss Baguio!

First one up is Kamayan sa Baguio, it got very popular among my college friends who frequent Baguio so Lovey and I decided to try it one, hungry afternoon.

The first plate I had
I'm a seafood lover, alright!
Bibi on the other hand loves meat
Dessert sampler!

Bunny enjoying his meal
Creative menu
I actually forgot the price for the buffet, I'm not sure if it's P149.00 or P199.00, ugh, signs of aging! But whichever the price is, it's totally worth it. The buffet had like, 20 plus dished you can choose from. Plus they refill every now and then. There were also a lot of seafood selection which I really liked. The dessert on the other hand kept on going empty and I wanted to go back for the leche flan but they did not refill it. They just had more fruit slices, sad.

Oh, and let me share some snaps from my trip there last April. I didn't post the photos on Facebook because the boyfran and I rarely have photos together. It's so hard to do so with a 50mm lens. I seriously need a gorilla pod!

FroYo, a favorite!
Frozen Yogurt with mixed fruits from White Hat
Pancit Canton! Hahaha
Bunny preparing my food. :)
Oh, we also frequent Point and Grill at SM Baguio. Not because I haven't tried it when I was a student but because it's cheap! We always order from the P99.00 sulit meals, and you just have to add P10.00 for your drink. Yeah, I know. We're cheap like that. But they have delish tuna belly and chicken bbq!

Tuna belly for P99.00

Bunny's food, all the freakin' time
There you go! Try some of those restos and I'm sure they won't fail you. PS, this entry is all over the place. Haha!

Last photo! A view from lovey's veranda. 
Where do you usually eat when you're in Baguio? Fill me in thru the comments! :)


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