Food Diary : Crustasia

Monday, June 27, 2011

I remember a couple of months ago, we had this top talent thing at work. Of course I was a newbie at our department so I had no idea was it was all about. I was just there innocently clapping my hands whenever someone's name was called. But anyhoo, I'm going to tell you about the place where we had the small event and not the event itself.

We were told to go to Crustasia at around 7:00PM, of course I was late because I felt like I lacked sleep which is obviously not true. I've never been there so it could've been really a big help if I went there early so I can look for the place. Good things I had co-trainers who were also running late. We went to Edsa Shangri-la
to look for the place and spent around 15 minutes because the big bold letters in front of the resto says Thai Shrimp House, and we were looking for something more similar to Crustasia.

But, everything was fine after I saw the buffet. Seafood overload, duh, of course.

Peppered Crab
I only ate a small amount of rice. Hihi
I didn't want to upset my stomach so I satisfied myself with one main course. I had siomai and chicken feet (not in shown in photo) for appetizers, then I had Peppered Crab as my main course. I only ate a small amount of rice so I can accomodate everything. Haha! I must've have consumed 4 plates of Peppered Crab sans the rice after my first full plate.

Co-trainer Hyooj enjoying the buffet
Cat and I
The Biggest Forehead contestants. Hahaha!
With Mommy Manager Meggielou
Well, the company paid for the buffet but everything else that's not in it you'd have to pay for.

Watermelon shake at P145.00
Watermelons for dessert!
I had watermelons and mango puree in a small glass, which is not shown here because I downed 2 without even taking a photo. I was too stuffed after I had to get my ass up and smoke for a little bit. 

Feeling like I'm just home.
I love the light here.
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
Trainer Cat, Ochi and Ayel
Mike, the person who forced me to apply for a promotion! :))
The lights in the smoking area was good so we snapped some shots out of nowhere. Overall, Crustacia was good. After you eat they're going to provide you lukewarm water with a damp towel and calamansi/lemon so you can take the smell away from your hands. Which was actually very helpful because I don't want to go to work with the smell of crab. Buffet at Crustasia costs P395.00 and for me, is very reasonable. They don't have a long line of dishes on their buffet table but the dishes that they have(around 5/6) will surely keep you coming back for more.

Crustasia is located at 6/L, EDSA cor. Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila.


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