Punchdrunk Panda Skimmers

Monday, September 13, 2010

I still haven't bought the pair of skimmers that I was dying to get since my last post. Just to remind that someone, aherm, or whoever is kind enough to get me a pair, I'm still shit out of luck! I had a new writing job, a side line, just so I can add up to my income and buy luxury (yes, I consider this luxury!) items like a pair of skimmers. Unfortunately, there area lot of bills to pay and finances to, erm, finance!

At this point, I'm still drooling over the photos and trying to wear them in my dreams. It's not really that I don't have the money to buy them at P1,100., just that I don't think I need them at this point. I'd rather save the money for future needs (rainy season, got to be ready), or get them as a gift from someone! Haha! It's more of a want, not a need sort of thing. But, but, but, wait! I got more, if that someone is not buying me those pairs because of the batch 1 designs, look they now have batch 2! I particularly like the retro design:

..and the sushi design! Hmm! Nomnomnom! They seem so comfy!

Oh Punchdrunk Panda Skimmers, why'd you have to be so irresistible? Oh, someone, come hurry and buy me a pair!

Photos are from here.

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