Nail Foolish

Monday, September 13, 2010

Excuse me for the title, but I do think I am when it comes to taking care of my nails! My high school, being a very conservative catholic school, didn't allow us girls to apply nail polish during school days. The clear polish is not an exception for we have the head of the ladies' disciplinary whatever and she checks on us everyday.

Just a bit of background on my high school, we weren't also allowed to wear colorful or loud head bands and ponytails for the school believed it's not proper for a girl to do that because it attracts attention. We weren't also allowed to wear bracelets, earrings and accessories that are not religiously affiliated, say for example, a bracelet with a crucifix in it.Oh, high school life. You were oh so mean, but I love you anyway.

So, in college, I let it all out. I wore every color, may it be in the form of clothing, shoes, accessories and even nail polish for that matter.

I love getting my nails done sans the part where I have to wait for around 20 minutes for them to completely dry up. Yes, 2o t 30 freakin' minutes because I had college at Baguio (cold weather, hello!), the oh so lovely Baguio. I'm a bit clumsy that's why I have to wait in one place 'til they dry or I'll end up not having the perfect nails.

After quite sometime, I experimented with my own nails and started doing the cleaning and the polishing myself. I figured out that it's not to practical to have my nails done every week because I basically tire out of each color for, say 2-3 days. So, I bought my own manicure and pedicure kit. My Grandma even bought me the Nail Care Set from Revlon, but I don't know how to use it properly. I'd rather do it manually, but I still have the kit, though. Gramma even bought me more of those, I couldn't reject them for she feels like she's already a part of my growing adult self and it'd hurt her more if I reject her gifts. I'm trying my best to learn how to use these mechanical things, though.

Moving on, I was good with polishing my nails. College thought me all of those, but sadly, I was missing something and that was considering my nails' health condition. I wasn't taking care of them the proper way, I polished them week after week not even considering that they have to have enough sunlight and moisture.

See, as a young college student, I use to experiment with different colors. My favorite was pussy red:
My favorite nail polish color!
It was my all-time nail polish color, or, it was rather my default nail polish color. I've tried several things with my nails as well, nail art and such, I even had the manual nail art! Are you familiar with it? If not, lemme show you this photo.

Manual nail art!
See, it's really simple. Just takes time and patience! And almost all designs involve flowers or stripes.

And the result? I have dry nails up until this moment. I'm trying to revive my nails natural color that's why for almost 3 weeks now, I haven't had Nail polish in them even if I wanted to. I'm still trying to give them a rest, to catch up for the endless nail polish I've been laying on them for almost 4 years now.

Actually, I'm already giddy to put on nail polish at this point so I just resorted to this blog to remind myself that I have to take care of my nails! It's now or never!

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