Holla Holiday!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Guess what? Hester survived another weekend here in Pampanga, it’s a lot longer and a lot interesting and fun than the first time he paid me a visit.
Welcome, Mi Love!
He arrived around 7:30PM of Saturday night, he was supposed to arrive late aftenoon but, yes, he was late, as always. We had Alimango for dinner, it was the first time that he’ll be eating Alimango that he have to manually open.
Fast forward to the morning after, we had bonding time with my sisters, Polly and Nhey. We watched The Expendables and binged on shawarma, shark’s fin, snowflakes and popcorn!Went home for dinner and had seafood again for dinner, it’s our comfort food if you must know, that’s why the parental’s always prepare it during meals when we come home.
After dinner, we had a movie marathon, 2012, Eclipse, because bunny is a late bloomer, too! Haha!
Next day, I cooked sinigang na hipon and inihaw na bangus for lunch. Then, of course, grown-ups do have work so after lunch, we had to go back to Manila. i wish we could’ve stayed longer, I love the Philippines for it’s holidays! And other things, of course 
What kept you busy during the holiday?

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