True Kolours

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Where did that come from? Haha I got it from WordPress’ greeting for me! Okay, enough of it. I colored my hair Balinese brown last Monday, well, it wasn’t really me, it was my sister, Nhey! I owe her a lot, my hair is very long but she was patient.
So, the one I got was from Kolours, I think it was P269.00 or so. I’m quite not satisfied with the current color. The previous one that I had was red brown and the roots were already showing because it’s been months since I had that one done from Going Straight. One of the mistakes I committed was that the color from the regrowth was not the same as the rest of my hair because it still has color. I don’t really know how to fix this one though, Hunbun told me that I should’ve colored it black first so it’ll all even out. Oh well, mistakes do happen. And, the whole point of why I spent 2 gruelling hours waiting for it to get done is not easy, considering I wasn’t able to do my mission, which is to cover my roots. Ack!
I think I’m going to put on a heavier color again. The one that I have is so light and feels like it’s barely there. and, and, and it didn’t cover my roots! Gaaah! What a waste of time, money and effort!
I’m pretty frustrated it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be, I should’ve dyed it way back when the roots were startijg to grow.Ooh, frustration. 

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