Great Pretenders

Monday, August 30, 2010

The boyfriend is here, at our home in Pampanga,  so we could spend the long weekend together. So, we already wasted 2 days spending money relentlessly at the mall so we decided to spend a quite night at home, with a movie marathon.
We were in the living room watching 2012 (sorry, I’m a late bloomer) and my parents were already in their room. of course, we started smooching even if we know that’s a mortal sin. If you must know, my family and my town is very conservative. I could not even go to the mall with my short shorts, I had to wear jeans even if it was scorching hot. We can’t cuddle or be sweet when other people are around, especially older people. And the boyfriend, being able to come here by himself just to pay me a visit is sort of a miracle, because my parents are strict. So, I was really nervous while cuddling with Hun because the living room is just beside my parental’s room. And as the heat was up, my mom came out of the room,  I think it was maternal instinct. But we managed to pretend that we’re just watching the movie, just in the nick of time. Phew!
As mature as I am, I do think I have the right to tell my mom that at 21, it’s okay to do those things. It’s just cuddling and smooching, but I don’t know why I never got the courage to do so. I still hide inside the closet and pretend that those things are greek to me.
Anyhoo, I’m just glad we weren’t caught sneaking, because if we were, I know this will be Hunbun’s last visit here. Smirk.
Goodnight for now, and by the way, we will not be sleeping together. We sleep in totally different rooms ’cause there’s no freakin’ way I can sneak out sandwiched between my Mom and Dad! Haha How protective can your parental’s be?

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  1. I'm jealous you can post things about your boyfriend. Because I can't. Because my mother is computer literate. Because she reads my blog. And it sucks. And she specifically asked me to not blog about *too personal* things.

    Oh but I could always post it privately? Is there such an option??

  2. My mom is starting to be blogger savvy, too. But I think there is an option to do so! I'll try to research! Haha