Summer Of 2009

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Disclaimer: Don't read further if you're allergic to cheese fest.

It's almost christmas and this is the only time I found to document all that has happened for the past days. Everything has been exhausting, fast but fun. But before everything else, I'd like to say that I'm so sad right now for babylove already departed for Baguio this afternoon and right at this moment he has already arrived.

Okay, so last Friday we had our Apollo Christmas party over at Lalai's house. My wavemates already went there ahead of me because I was tsill waiting for bunny then, because the fucking taxi driver was making his move and instead of bringing him to technohub, brought him to Makati instead! I was fuming mad because it was late and there is no way that Makati is similar to UP AYALA TECHNOHUB. I was shouting at bunny because I was so pissed, which is not right and I regret that I did cause I missed the feeling I was yearning for the moment I laid my eyes on him.

Finally, he was able to find his way "near" technohub. I told him I'll just fetch him on a certain spot cause the taxi driver might lead him somewhere else again. I was mad yet again cause I was wearing heels and it was a long walk. But as we walked over the bridge, I couldn't contain my excitement anymore. I embraced him and told him I was sorry because I was just irritable that day.

We went for a commute going to Lalai's place because it was too far and it'll cost us around
200 pesos if we'll take a cab. So, we rode a bus going to fairview then a cab from there up to Lalai's place. Thank God the taxi driver was kind enough to lead us to the right direction.

The party was fun, I didn't drink that much cause I was looking forward to sleeping with bunny later. We were so sleepy by the end of the party and we almost missed our stop if not for Mel. We had a lot of fun eating FroYo over the weekend, dining at eat-all-you-can restos, watching Ninja Assassin, window shopping at greenhills and a lot of fun stuff. Oh my fuck, I almost forgot, we checked in at 4 seasons for a cheaper room but WTH, the effin place was crap! It was so ugly that the CR didn't even have a door and its positioned in front of the bed. The TV was b/w and there was a lot of static. We were supposed to stay there for 24hrs but we immediately changed our minds.

Yesterday, btw, Sogo was so fully booked we had to wait for almost an hour just to get a room! I hate the yuletide season in Manila, it's so not fetch and it's not even festive! Its pure hassle, I can't even feel it, if not for the date, the decors and such. I also hate it when people immediately associate Sogo to sex, cause it shouldn't be. It's a cheap hotel that is why people flock the place. It's not always for couples availing short time pleasure, it's also for people who want to stay for the night. Some place that is clean and cheap, and it practically spells Sogo. It's annoying when people give us the look of suspicion.

I miss my baby already :c A while ago, before he left, I was asking him to stay longer. I wanted to be with him even for a day. I missed hugging him, kissing him, pinching his nose, tickling him and just being with him. How I wish we could go back to the summer of 2009, where everythng was easy and we could be together everyday of our breathing life. I miss my love, I miss him.. I'm so dependent on him that I can't sleep properly without him, that I look for him before I eat, that I dream about him, that I daydream about him.

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