Oh Crap!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

I was on the verge of writing something about my 2009 when suddenly I remembered something. I don't have the photos to support my blog. DARN IT. You see, I'm a very visual person, whenever I want to write about something, if there would be pictures to support my statements, i'd put them in. I love reading visual blogs and I want mine to be just like that as well. And it tears my heart apart that I cannot do so because my laptop was reformatted. Crap. Memories erased with the blink of an eye. Anyhoo, I'll still be doing so with photos Im'ma be grabbing from my own online albums. How pathetic, but atleast I'll get to do so.

My list will be a long one, best of the best, worst of the worst and a whole lot. If you we're a part of my 2009, keep it posted. I might just surprise you with my post! Hrhrhr. Happy new year!

                                            (sorry for the crappy photo. I have better ones.:p)

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