Having Fun?

Sunday, January 03, 2010

He was supposed to spend Christmas at our home and I was supposed to spend the new year over at their place. Too bad sudden events and circumstances won't let us do so, but that is so not going to hinder us from celebrating Christmas together. The boyfriend went here in Manila because I wanted to. Loljk. He came down here so we could spend some time and celebrate early christmas together.

Baguio glues us like in a way that being apart from each other for a few weeks leaves us both miserable. It gives me sleepless nights and it makes him cold even in the morning. Hrhr. I'm being too cheesy again, zeh pornstar just wants to tell you how good the week was when he was here. :)

But since I'm too lazy to do so, in a detailed manner. I'll just show you a photo of us during that week. It will speak more than a thousand words, that I'm sure of. <3


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