Social Climbing 101 at The Cove Manila 😂

Thursday, October 04, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, I had took up an assignment for When In Manila. If you didn’t know this yet, I contribute for the site as a writer and photographer. The assignment was to cover Steve Angello at The Cove. I took the assignment because I’ve heard of the place and it looks amazing! But looking at the prices, I’d never go there using my own dime because this girl’s got so many other responsibilities to focus on lol. So I eagerly took the chance when WIM offered the assignment. 

To be honest, the place intimidates me. Prior to going, I also went to a buffet dinner at Resorts World Manila and get the same feeling. I mean, passing by the casino and all makes me feel like I have so little to offer in this place and like I wouldn’t have the money to actually enjoy myself because everything is just so expensive. Haha I don’t know if that’s just me but just want to put it out there.

Going back, upon arrival, I was going in circles at the parking area because it was chaos down there. Didn’t know where to park and couldn’t find the closest spot to the entrance. Maybe because it’s just my first time but next time, I’m booking a Grab car. I wouldn’t want to go through such hassle again next time I go. 

Before entering the Cove, you’ll be greeted by the sight of the casino…and might even be enticed to come in and play a little. Only one thing prevented me from doing so, I didn’t have the budget for it hahaha. Once we got inside, I was in awe because the club was totally amazing. Now I understand why everything is priced as such, but still, not buying. Haha 

During my visit, you get to have two types of entrance; Standard (P1000) and VIP (P1500). Standard gives you access to areas that are a bit further from the stage. While VIP gives you access to pretty much everything, except the reserved tables and Cabanas because those you’d have to pay for separately. So yes, I was standing for around 4-5hrs!!! Good thing I wore sneakers ‘cause heels would’ve killed my feet.  

Everywhere you go, there’s always someone to assist you so that was great. But one incident ruined my experience. As I was taking photos of the DJ near the stage, there was a crowd of foreigners who occupied the table beside it. And while it’s obviously a birthday party, I didn’t realize they’re allowed to close off almost the entire front part of the stage for their own group. They weren’t even paying attention to the DJ, just minding their own business but it kinda ruined the experience for people like me who actually wanted to jump in and party near the DJ. I guess, that’s what money can buy. I actually saw the guy go to his bodyguard and get a wad of cash for some alcohol they ordered lol. Would I go back?? Find out in the video below! And please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet! J

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