3 Best Destinations In Europe

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Traveling to Europe has been in my incoherent bucket list ever since bucket lists started becoming a thing, lol. Aside from the allure of legal marijuana in Amsterdam (lol, kidding Mr Prezzz), there's such awe-inspiring historical beauty when I look at their architecture. Not to mention all the food adventures I'm excited to take on once I finally embark on this adventure. My Grandma also lives in the UK which makes it all the more exciting since I can take a side trip to the UK--that is if I save enough moolah to even finance the Euro trip alone, haha. Being a middle-class citizen in this country is hard, ya'll. 

Anyway, today we are going to look at the best 3 destinations in Europe. Obviously, there are plenty of amazing places to visit in the UK, but we will ignore these for now and look towards the continent. I'll probably go into detail about the UK on a separate post because my Abuella pretty much already has a list of places I should go visit when I come over. 

Alentejo, Portugal
When people think Portugal, most people will only be aware of the Algarve--the crowded beaches where it's difficult to get any space. However, the Alentejo is completely different. This is a natural area with a smaller population. The beaches are amazing and have some fantastic surf. It actually looks more like the Australian landscape than somewhere in Europe. There's even real tumbleweed for that authentic outback experience. It's cheap to visit too, you can fly for under £50 per person off peak. When visiting Portugal, you will fly into Faro airport. You will find it easiest if you hire a car to drive around since there are many outstanding sights to see, many of which are spread out.

Paris, France
Paris is one of the most beautiful and romantic places on the planet. It's a modern buzzing city, with a lot of fascinating history. It's also home to some of the most famous landmarks in Europe including the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame cathedral. Paris is great for kids and adults alike since there is plenty for people of all ages to do. Disney land Paris is also a short drive away from the centre of the city, it should only normally take around 40 minutes to reach the park. If you are interested in hotels near Disneyland Paris then I would recommend looking on a hotel comparison site. Paris is a popular destination for tourists, so make sure you book up early if you are interested in visiting. France is a great low-cost holiday for Brits, thanks to great value deals on the ferry crossings and the channel tunnel.

If you are travelling with young children, then you might actually find the ferry crossings more enjoyable. This is more than just a mode of transport, but it's the start of your holiday. You can walk around and even play in the on board soft play center. It's even possible to get some fantastic deals on ferry crossings during the summer holidays. You can take a whole car across for under £100 return which makes it a cheap family holiday.

Bulgaria is one of the newer members of the European union. It is becoming an up and coming tourist destination although it's still a bit of the beaten track. Flights and hotels are very cheap, it's possible to stay for as little as £20 a night, with flights not being too much more. Bulgaria has some beautiful historic and modern buildings.

While researching about Bulgaria, I was amazed at how some destinations are so difficult to pronounce--I love it. The places seem mysterious because I'm probably accustomed to more commonly discussed destinations on social media which makes everything so exciting. Try googling Balkan Mountains and Balkan Beers and I'm pretty sure you'll be pumped like I am!

For now, these places are still in my trendy, incoherent bucket list but if you're someone looking into visiting Europe within the year, you may want consider these places. I was just talking to a friend the other night about awesome places and fun stuff to do while in Europe and it definitely fueled my passion to save more for when this trip actually happens. Wish me luck!

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