5 Ways To Improve Your Lifestyle

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lifestyle choices to a large extent determine the kind of existence we lead. Just like everyone else, you want to live a long life full of fun. You want a life free of diseases and struggle. While there are things you simply can’t avoid in life such as disease and misfortune, you want to be happy and contented. Well, it all hinges on the choices you make in this life and how you choose to pursue your persons.

For someone who often makes bad decisions (i.e. binge drinking, chain smoking), you might think I'm not even qualified to talk about ways on how to improve one's lifestyle. But after bouts of bad episodes, I've learned that life is short and If I'm won't change for myself, at least I'd do it for my family and friends who were worried sick when I was rushed to the hospital a few years back.  And I have been ~trying~ ever since to be better at this. So here are a couple of tips you guys can start doing if you're into improving your lifetyle!

Work Out.
Physical exercise is the key to a good lifestyle. Sure, you might have a hectic schedule that has you running around all the time, but you can still strike a balance between work and workout. You don’t even need to go to the gym- up to 20 minutes of jogging every morning will get you where you need to be. Always keep it consistent and never skip sessions. You can mix jogging with aerobics and yoga if the time allows.

At first, this was difficult for me since I have a hair schedule which means I have days wherein I don't wash my hair. But when you workout, you surely have to wash your hair if you won't want to smell like Stinky Pete. Syncing my workout and hair schedule was HARD since there are days where I feel really lazy to workout--but again, consistency is key. I don't do well with hardcore workouts like HIIT but I enjoy a combination of Yoga and running. I only do around 10-20mins of exercise a day since I get tired easily since I still smoke but I think that's better than nothing.

Get in a good sleeping routine
A good sleeping routine is a great way to improve your lifestyle because you will  have a lot more energy. Having a good sleeping pattern can help with your concentration in and out of work. One way of improving your sleeping pattern is to invest in a sunrise clock. They will help you know when you need to go to sleep and they also help you wake up in the morning. If you would like to know more about sunrise clocks and how they can help you then click here. Lucky for me, I've totally adjusted my sleeping pattern in the past few months and I usually wake up early so I can get breakfast and so many other things done at the start of the day. 

Read a book.
Knowing what is happening around you all the time helps in a big way. Invest in a book or a magazine and read through it slowly over time. Apply the ideas you borrow in your daily life and you can never go wrong. If you read a book about saving up for a business, try to carry out the activities depicted in there. If the book gives you spiritual knowledge, try and apply the knowledge in your life.

To be honest, I get bored with books. I'd rather listen to an audio book or watch a film about some book I would want to read. But after getting back to reading, I noticed a huge improvement with my vocabulary (which is pertinent at my job) and I realized I don't space out so easily anymore, lol. Current read is 'The Sublte Art Of Not Giving A Fuck' by Mark Ronson because God know how this is so applicable to me right now. 

Eat right.
Obesity is a massive problem in the UK. When you are overweight, you open a chapter of your life riddled with disease and discomfort. You will need to make sure that whatever goes down your throat is healthy and helpful. Avoid bad cholesterol foods at all costs and go organic whenever your budget allows.

This was also inexplicably difficult for me. If you look at my Instagram, you'd know how I indulge. I used to go to all-you-can-eat buffets at least once a week and I'd never let a good food promo go to waste. But now, I've become more conscious with what I eat. I even went on a whole month vegan diet so I can reset my body and rid it of toxins. I didn't limit the amount of food I ate, I just went with healthier choices so no getting hungry over that diet! :)

With the following conscious choices, I can definitely say my lifestyle has vastly improved. My mood can attest to that. I used to be grumpy and sad all the time, like the type of person you'd love to avoid on a daily basis, lol. But now, fortunately, I've become more positive with my outlook in life. I still get grumpy of course, but not as bad as before when I would consciously make bad decisions disregarding my health, hehe. Here's to better choices for your lifestyle! 

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