Newest Food Park in Tagaytay! | South StrEAT Food Park

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

If there's a new food park in town, you bet your a$$ the boyfriend and I will hunt it down no matter what it takes nor where it is. Which is pretty much what happened when we visited this newly opened food park in the South. I've read about it a few times and I though, ooh, it's in Tagaytay! The boyfriend's family has a house there so we spend most of our weekends in there too. In my head, going to this place will be a breeze. But, as we were set to leave the house and after putting on the location at Waze, I was a bit surprised since it says travel time is about 1.5 hrs. I thought it was the traffic--turns out it isn't!

Technically, the food park is along Sta. Rosa - Tagaytay Road, which may be the reason why it's being marketed as the first food park in Tagaytay. We were already on our why so we figured why not just go with it? We were also on our way home to Manila so we thought it would be okay. And gladly, it didn't disappoint. 

The Place
When I saw the place, I was so glad we made it because it was soooo worth it. From the colorful containers to the lit sign of the food park--everything just looked enticing! It also had a Miami vibe to it, probably because of the colors. There's ample parking in front of the park, and you can also park on the side of the street--though I bet you can't guarantee your car's safety there. Traffic was horrible as we closed in on the location! I think we spend about 15-20mins of our travel time just traversing the street going to StrEAT, lol. 

The food park was a bit crowded inside. I saw a lot of people leave because there weren't enough chairs to accommodate everyone. What's good about this park though is that it doesn't compromise its style. The chairs and tables are wonderfully crafted wood, and you can also see several art-like installations on the containers. There's also a stage where artists can play live music or, according to the owner, future art exhibits can be placed. Ugh, I love this place already! PS don't forget to watch the video towards the end of this post!

The Food
I'm pretty sure you guys are excited to know what they have to offer so I've rounded up as much as I can just so y'all know what to expect when you go there. Of course we didn't get to try ALL the stalls, and what a shame, really. I would've wanted to if only I had more space in my tummy, huhu. But anyway, trying out most of the stalls felt like a tour around the globe. They have cuisines from Asia, the middle East and even Mediterranean! How awesome is that? Let me show you guys what we've tried. Pretty sure your mouths are ready to water!

The name in itself would intrigue you. Crazytella celebrates various unique and interesting desserts using everyone’s favorite—Nutella! They even serve some of their desserts on actual Nutella containers! (Waffella (S: P160 L: P200) Flavor: Hazelnut Brownie Fudge)

 Plaze de Taqueria 
From Enchilada’s to Qeusodilla’s, Plaza de Taqueria offers a wide variety of authentic Mexican flavors. And if you’re wondering, yes, that’s QUESOdilla—Plaza de Taqueria’s own spin on the famous Quesadilla. (Quesodilla – P95, Enchilada – P150)

 Juan Sago 
For drinks, Juan Sago offers familiar Filipino favorites like Melon Po and the all-time favorite classic Sago’t Gulaman. Pair your dishes with their classic Palamig and you’ll be munching on those tiny jelly balls until your last sip. (Melon Po – P69)

 The Rockin’ Ribs 
This stall wouldn’t add Rockin’ to their title if they weren’t serious. The Rockin’ Ribs provides a wide array of ribs cooked in several styles. Once you stick your fork to the meat, it immediately falls off the bone which is probably an indication that you’ll have one of the best meals of your life. (Delicious Duo 1 Smoked Rib, 1 smoked chicken, 2 rice, 2 side dish – P350)

 Greek Streets 
Greek Streets reminds you of common characteristics of Mediterranean cuisine. We were served with a Gyro platter with thick but tender cuts of Kebab meat. It was well spiced and seasoned and perfectly paired with their Yoghurt sauce. Dining at Greek Streets definitely feels like walking the streets of Greece. (Chiken Gyro Platter – P180)

 Hafa x Loha by The Q 
Hafa x Loha boasts of unique flavor inspired by the Micronesian Islands of Guam and Hawaii! Their authentic flavors will keep you grasping for comparisons you simply can’t find anywhere. Hafa x Loha also doesn’t joke when it comes to their serving size—get ready to eat like a real pacific islander! (Chicken Kelaguen with Coconut Titiyas – P220, Hafa Adai Combo Platter P400)

Another unique and interesting option when it comes to drinks would be Squeezed. Squeezed, from the name itself, offers freshly squeezed drinks. They also have a ton of refreshing and colorful thirst quenchers served in pails and fish bowls. Not only will you be adored by their twisty straws; I’m pretty sure the nitrogen-induced drinks will keep you interested as you see smoke coming out of your drink while you sip on it! (Pink Lemonade and Blue Lemonade in Pail – P180)

 Starr’s Famous Shakes 
Starrs frothy treats are inspired by the A&W milkshakes of the 80s. Starr’s is a dessert parlor that serves creamy and thick milkshakes with inventive flavors and toppings! One sip into their Cherry Amaretto gives you that cherry aroma and frothy milky taste like a tiny milkshake party in your mouth. (Cherry Amaretto – P85)

Olympia may be a household name already; with its various branches all over the metro. And now with their South StrEAT branch, they continue to serve world-class Roast Beef platters with perfectly paired side dishes! (U.S. Angus Roastbeef with Creamy Mashed Potato, Buttered vegetable and Red wine gravy – P190)

 Foxtrot and Echo 
If you’re in a hurry and would want something to-go, then Foxtrot & Echo is your place. They specialize on mouth-watering burgers you can eat anywhere and everywhere. And yes, don’t be intimidated by that burger patty—it’s huge but I promise this juicy beef creation will fit into your mouth quite snuggly. (Emily Burger – P180)

Last but not the least, we still have room for more dessert! Xurreria doesn’t settle for your usual Churros, they get all creative and make sure there are no two churros alike. They also serve their delectable creations in easy-to-handle paper boxes so you can utilize your hands into their finger-licking desserts! (Sticky Xurros with rainbow sprinkles, smores, oreo, m&m, snickers& ferrero – P55)

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