Maginhawa Diaries : Do-Si-Rak

Monday, April 24, 2017

I’ve never seen any of those obsessive K-dramas my colleagues have been raving about. But I sure am obsessed with something Korean too and that’s—Korean Food! My obsession started when my previous manager brought us to Don-Day to try Samgyeopsal. It was my frist time to try Korean food. For someone who doesn’t like vegetables, I wasn’t too thrilled. But due to some turn of events which I can’t remember, I started loving it and that’s how my obsessions started. I went into hoarding instant Ramyeon until I had to level up and make my own Jjigae. Now, I make my own side dishes including, Kimchi of course!

Looking for a Korean restaurant that’s budget-friendly is difficult. I want something that’s worth my money since I know how these dishes are usually prepared. When we went to Maginhawa about a month ago, we were overwhelmed with the choices that we had so we decided to go to Z Compound instead where we get a taste of a little of everything. And that’s how we discovered this amazing Korean restaurant!

The Place
Do-Si-Rak is located inside Z Compound alongside stalls like Bagnetto, Samu Eats, etc. One thing I’ve always hated about Z Compound is the noise. The ambiance is more of a watering hole than a family-oriented one. Parking is also scarce around the area, so if you’re planning to visit, make sure you do it early. We were in the area at around 3-4PM which is why we secured a good parking spot. 

The Food
What can I say, I’ve already said my praises even before I began talking about the food! Everything we had was great. When I say it’s difficult to find a good Korean restaurant, I meant any Korean restaurant that didn’t just offer Samgyeopsal which seems to be quite the craze these days. I’ve been wanting to try several Korean dishes that are quite difficult to find but they were available in Do-Si-Rak’s menu! We ordered Spicy Seafood Ramyeon (P160.00), Spicy Bulgogi (P179.00) and Kimchi Jjigae with Rice and Manu (P200.00).

The Spicy Seafood Ramyeon is your typical spicy Korean noodle soup with a ton of toppings like shrimp and mussels. I was a bit surprised because the egg included was cooked sunny-side up, unlike the ones you can find in Japanese Ramen. The Spicy Bulgogi was served bento-like with rice, salad and 7 side dishes—can you imagine?? My Jjigae was also served with 7 side dishes and the taste hit every corner of my mouth just right. I was adamant to spend P200 on Jjigae when I can make it at home for a cheaper price, but when I had my first bite, I knew it was worth it.

 Would we come back? I think the answer is a bit obvious—definitely! This might just be my go-to place when I’m too lazy to cook my favorite Korean dishes! Another good thing about Do-Si-Rak is the owner’s genuine concern whenever we would get asked if we liked the food or if we wanted anything else. Pretty sure you guys will experience the same kind of hospitality we did should you decide to visit. Also attaching a short video I made plus a few snippets from our time at Iscreamist. Enjoy!

Budget : P150 - P200 / person
4PM - 11PM || Accepts Cash only
Z Compound, 33A Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City
Do-Si-Rak Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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